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SharePoint Alerts out-of-the-box have quite a few limitations, so it’s not surprising that there are a huge number of add-on alert tools out there.

This page is a work in progress directory of the SharePoint Alert tools currently available.  It includes both commercial and open source tools.

See more details and leave reviews and comments by clicking on the link to each tool’s full listing.  We would also be grateful for any updates, or new listing suggestions that you may have.

Pentalogic Reminder – Commercial End User, Alert Service/Web part

Bamboo Alert Plus – Commercial End User, Alert Service/Web part

Bamboo Alert Administrator – Commercial Alert Administration Tool

Bamboo My Alerts Organizer – Commercial End User Alerts Administration Tool

SharePointBoost Alert Reminder Boost – Commercial End User Tool

Virto Alerts Customizer – Commercial End User Tool

SharePoint Solutions Alert Manager Plus – Commercial Alert Administration Tool

Lightning Tools BDC Alert Manager – Commercial End User Tool




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  1. kundan says:

    This alert tools should be included

    Advanced Alert for SharePoint – Free – Alert SharePoint Groups

    SharePoint Alert Manager – Free

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