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November 4th, 2009 by Ryan
Name Pentalogic Reminder Vendor Pentalogic Technology
Web Pricing Commercial licenses from $195, free trial available
Category End User Alert Service/Webpart

Overview SharePoint already has a built in Alerts feature but this is limited to sending out emails when items in your list are changed by users – for example when a new task is added.

SharePoint Reminder adds the ability to send out emails on date based events – for example it can constantly monitor a Task List and when an item is due send a ‘This Task is Due Soon’ email to the person who has been assigned to complete the task. It can also send out another email if a task becomes overdue.

It is very flexible and applicable to a variety of common SharePoint scenarios such as :-

Task Management: Send reminder emails when Tasks are approaching their due date – then another once they are overdue.

Helpdesk Management: Escalate an issue if it hasn’t been resolved within a certain time of being logged.

Enhanced Alerts: Gain more control over email alerts including who gets them, under what circumstances and customise the text of the email.

Simple Workflow: Use SharePoint Reminder to drive simple workflow by sending emails when a task is ready for the next stage in a business process.

Equipment calibration and testing: Help manage the regular calibration and testing of equipment while keeping an audit log for compliance purposes.

Document Management: Send a reminder email to a document author once its past its review or archive date.

Event Lists: Remind people of important upcoming events or meetings.

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